The 2,000G AQUARIUM fish tank setup!! part 2

The 2,000G AQUARIUM fish tank setup!! part 2

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  1. Then the whole point of the tree is lost . It looks crowed . It will look much better in the center with the logs around . Maybe stick a few branches on the standing logs . Don't put all the logs in there . You said its 700 gallon so it will take up a lot of space of water and reduce dilution

  2. If the water fall has to be in that corner, you should try the tree stump in the other back corner. The acrylic panel would let you see more sides of the tree and behind it. Also my vote goes for the archer fish community

  3. That tank is going to be amazing. I like the tree more in the center or away from the back. The rear corner is too similar to the old tree placement. As for the stock list.

    Maybe a mix of Archers with some funky tank mates. Some cool and not so often seen mixes are…
    Scatophagus argus (Scats)
    Monodacrylus argenteus (Monos)
    Stigmatogobius sadanundio (Knight Gobies)

    Just some thoughts. You could probably get some epic shots of Archers feeding on crickets and stuff from that tree! You could also do some Lilly pad type plants.

    Thanks for the content! Stay safe.

  4. I realy enjoyed the look of the tank with the trees spread out over the whole tank, open but with a hint of mystery. A lot of plants and a lot of two to four inch fish would be amazing!

  5. small pots set inside the top of the logs and have viney plants coming down. Some sub aquatic plants as well off the sides coming into the water like pennywort, etc

  6. I'm enjoying watching you slowly put together this beautiful puzzle. You have to put some guppies in there and a bunch of Sagittarius. The normal kind and the dwarf kind. Also wisteria is very fast growing. Get a natural looking substrate. Bumblebee gobies are cool too. What also would be cool would be a section for shell dwellers. That's if they wouldn't mess everything up. Just do a bunch of nano fish. Nano fish would make the tank look so much bigger. Get a ton of different species. I'm rambling a bit but I can dream!

  7. I would say move the thickest log a little more off the water fall face but keep the same setup with the smaller logs that how it wraps around the biggest one . Honestly though I trust your judgement man !

  8. Love how excited you were for this lol. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s completed. Also, I vote that this be a discus tank 👍

  9. I don't know about the smaller logs. Maybe a couple/three close together as if one tree? I really like the big tree trunk against the backgeoundn


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