Taking a vacation away from my aquariums

Taking a vacation away from my aquariums

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Today, i talk about what i do with my aquariums when i go on vacation!

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  1. Hey buddy, great video. However, you said you make 30% water changes and you will be doing a +50% water changes? Won't it effect the fish as the composition of water changes?

  2. A temp gun was one of my best investments for my water changes! Also, that's a crazy amount of work you do preparing for a 4 day leave. I was surprised when I came back to my tank after a full month of zero maintenance/feeding during the evacuation (Fort McMurray fire) and see that I had only lost 1 fish.

  3. Have you ever tried lowering the temperature of your tanks? Lower temps also lower their metabolism. Not sure about their additional stress levels tho.

  4. I have a great deal of respect for you Joey. Since subbing to your channel I've learnt so much more about this hobby, things that I can implement into my own tank, things that will make my Oscar so much more happier!!. You have given a great deal of your time and knowledge so hats off to you mate!!

  5. king I have a question. how do I build a terraced effect in my tank without using 8 inches of substrate. I'm currently thinking plexiglass and if so, should I put something under the plexiglass so I have a in tank filtration system? I want 3 levels 8 inch 4 inch and then just the bottom with gravel

  6. hey mate have a good holiday. I have just set up my new tank today 780liter discus tank. is there a way I can send you a photo of it ?? I want to know if it will be ok to add 2 stingrays
    my tank Is 6ft by 3x3ft ??

  7. Hey Joey! I will be leaving on vacation for 2 weeks and have lots of tanks… Should I let them fast for that time or invest in automatic feeders?? I already have enough automatic feeders but idk if they can go that long without a water change AND have the food being eaten.

  8. is this level of upkeep necessary on all tanks? or is it different for barebottom/plantless tanks because theres nothing to absorb the harmful chemistry that comes from waste and food?


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