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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. I think the fact that you are so genuine and honest about mistakes is why we love you so much. You don’t hide them mistakes which then can help others not make the same mistake. This hobby is about trial and error which lets us evolve great content keep doing what you do best sending love from across the pond!! 🙏🏼👍🏼 🇨🇦

  2. Hello Joey.. I don't know whether you are going to reply or not. I was just thinking of automatic/ continuous water change systems and went through a lot of your videos.. but this seems to be the latest one on the topic and it seems you ditched the idea of that even though you did start with them. Could I ask why? Thank you

  3. I worry that the vat of water outside will heat up and then freeze being exposed to the elements and all. You might want to cover it somehow! Insulate it ! Personally I think you should store it indoors!

  4. I need suggestion
    I added cat litter as a substrate in my aquarium. But it seems that litter has alot of limestone in it or the clay is covered with lime. I have added seeds and made the water little wet.
    Now wondering will the seeds grow in it and will it be ok for the fish i have in bucket waiting for this aquarium to be filled with water.
    I have guppy, neon tetras and zebra danios.
    The cat litter i used is Thomas cat litter
    All natural.
    I did not Wash it before using

  5. Another great video, love how you show how things can go wrong no matter what you do, its a great learning for new aquarium keepers and hobbyist. And how dedicated your to your fish and how you can quickly recognize when something is not quite right. Love all that you do and all the information you provide to everyone.

  6. You want a big cistern on the well that way it can fill by the well slowly 5000 gallons would be goodnfiled 50 percent. Takes a load of your well and you can slow the pump draw. That little tote wont last long

  7. Hi sir, please give me a big tank. I really love fish keeping, but I only have small tank. I have flowerhorns here. But my tank is not enough for them. I can't afford to buy a big tank. I came from Philippines. Share your blessings sir. I hope you read my comment. Thank you, god bless you. 😊

  8. Why not just get an apex DOS for the smaller tanks?
    Surley you'd even get them for free.
    Also run a circulation pipe 1m underground for year long constant temperature.


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