STARTING the new FISH ROOM – Part 1

Today we begin building the new fish room. Starting with the DIY aquarium stands.

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  1. Pro DIY Fishkeeper, Amateur DIY woodworker. You gotta build yourself a mitre station my dude. Then you don't need the pattern piece. You'll save yourself hours and have much more uniform pieces

  2. Hi Joey!
    U encouraged me to build my own stand for a used store display glass aquarium I purchased. After I tried to stay leveled and accurate, I put the aquarium on the stand and sadly in some parts u can slid a paper easily between the two… now I understand glass aquarium needs supports on the sides so I didn’t fill it with water just yet… but I’m frustrated and tired to build it and now it’s not ok… what should I do? Tear everything down? Or there is hope for a solution?

  3. Hi Joey, I purchased your DIY book and I am in the process of planning a tank stand for my 180 gallon tank. I have a home made sump already and would like to have it hidden in the stand. Now, my question is do I have to be concerned about the moisture from the sump evaporation weakening the wood over time? and if so..what kind of paint coating do you recommend applying to the inside of the stand to help repel moisture? Sorry, I didn't seen any info regarding that in your book

  4. You do realise that all you doing is building a floor and a floor that sports a house is build 16 inches on center what your doing is over engineering it and just giving yourself extra work

  5. Joey whatever you're taking to supplement your work outs or whatever is giving you the energy. I'm worried about your blood pressure dude! You look like you're about to run around the whole planet! Hopefully you're getting some down time every now and then.

  6. When the 2nd part fell down ‘magically’ you forgot to say TADAHHHHH 😉 this was cool to watch even if I don’t need to build such a frame at the moment

  7. Been planning out my 125 gallon setup for a few weeks and started building the stand today, im using your exact design, thank you for such helpfull videos, got lots of ideas from your channel!

  8. Hey Joey I seen a video of a guy named Rico a little fat Mexican guy saying he was going to get you at Reefapalooza lol what’s his problem he had a lot to say about you called you a punk and said your head is getting to big ?


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Channel Introduction

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