*SPOILER ALERT* 2,000G aquarium reveal – The king of DIY

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  1. I'd go for 1500 rummy nose tetras with a couple of gentle giants dwelling at the bottom.
    It would be like a private starling murmuration. Stunning!

  2. 3 mins in and already they have improved thar old haunted house brickwork that you always liked and I funkin hated. I never understood why you thought it looked good.

  3. I think the 2000g would have looked stunning with some african cichlids, the vibrant colors of some peacocks and mbuna would have really added some depth. But considering you want tetras in there that might not be the best idea.

  4. Do not put anything that will grow more than 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) in the tank. It would look awesome with hundreds of small fish in it. I'd also put some live plants (in movable pots) in at least one entire corner of the tank. It would look awesome.

  5. You should stock with thousands of tetras and some other fish that live with tetras in the wild maybe a bunch of dwarf cichlids and a couple show piece fish

  6. Getting back in to the hobby after my ex got rid of my whole collection my I lost my heart for it but watching your videos whenever a notification pops up reminds me of how much I missed it so have made new purchases and my aquatic addiction as began again


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