SO MANY AQUARIUMS!! How do I do it? | The King of DIY

With so many aquarium fish tanks, how do i take care of them all?
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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Joey, I just want to say thank you and take a moment to recognize your video and editing technic. You clearly not only show interest in your fish and take care of them but u also take time to bring video to us and take your time to edit it, it is something that we as viewers overlook it but I think it is important to take the time to recognize that you give us your 100% in your video, one again thank you and please continue to bring more video because I have learn a lot from you.

  2. Love your videos !! I have Discus and angels and love cleaning my Tanks too ! Love your angels and Discus , I have four black angels one white I have several Discus mostly reds ,blue white I love solid colors but have a large pair of white red dragons ! Thank you for your videos they are awesome. Sharon

  3. Fair play m8, good detail, i can see your very aware of the judgemental YouTube crowd by your perception of questions, you do a good job just like all good fish keepers, 👍, gosh the last time I kept fish I had a 8ft by 2ft by 2ft with malwai's 25 years ago, people were not sure about malwai's back then, you had to come up with good ways to keep on top of tank cleanliness,

  4. Joey, I lived on property with a well. There also agriculture fields around the property. My tanks would start out it with 30ppm nitrate with water changes and new water. The AG fields and ground water from it contributed to the nitrate content. My fish did fine but it bothered me. It was a Sandy area so it had a high PH temporarily but no hardness. This was a mile away from the Pacific ocean. I didn't have to use water conditioner either. Now I live in a place with manucipal tap water and it is zero ppm nitrate. It has 6 German degrees KH and 16 German degrees GH. My fish do much better. And my mind is at ease.


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