Shopping for aquarium fish

Shopping for aquarium fish

Today we go to my local fish store and see if there is any aquarium fish we can get!

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  1. It's probably too late, I'm finally getting caught up on your videos, but I think you should keep that cylinder tank a salt water tank.

  2. Saltwater for the cylinder tank with lots of clownfish but instead of just doing one type do a mix of the different types of them one or two sea anemones that way you get a good mix of colours.

  3. Just FYI the seahorses are going to need food throughout the day. They don’t have stomachs! You might need to feed them by hand with a baster.

  4. planted cyclinder tank with egeria densa or jungle val grows tall and will use the height. then stock with tetras
    and shrimp. build like a mountain scape and try to make it nature realistic. Level up

  5. With the all the salt water fish and coral, you could probably rebuild the entire reefs. I don't know about laws of the ocean but if we allowed people to monitor and rebuild an almost extinct natural occurrence in the ocean then we'd probably have massive reef systems.


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