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  1. joeyyyyy I am a manager at a fish store in north carolina, USA. I have some beautiful fish and have a 7in porcupine puffer. I am working to take care of livestock more efficiently but it is difficult for change due to the owner and his past 50+ years of fish keeping (fish don't like change). I stay learning new and cool fish to buy for my store from you and come the next years I would be honored to have u walk through and check things out.

  2. Help! Having a very frustrating time trying to find an ich treatment and around me there is no non iodized salt or anything like that. What was that cure all you mentioned in one of your videos? I can't remember. Ps I'm from SK so dealing with the same illegal ich treatment problem TIA

  3. Mate quick one .. watching a you tuber playing well you .. thought you might like to see showing your vids
    You tube name IFG guy with a red cap on in his YouTube name .. thought you might like to you ps his video is about your see dragons please look 👀

  4. I’m new to the hobby and I purchased a 10 gallon tank. It’s currently running thru the nitrogen cycle and I was wondering if getting 1 neon dwarf gourami, 3 albino corydora, and 6 harlequin rasbora was an overstock. Could somebody please let me know if this is and the appropriate amounts? Thanks!

  5. I was wondering if you knew a product like a sensor of some kind that you could mount to the Fishtank that would show you if there’s a wall and a electrical current in the tank from a broken power head or broken heater so I can see if there’s a current before I get shocked

  6. Hey Joey, I know you were planning on doing a tank with coral in it and theres a whole range of fish from the great barrier reef that you could introduce to people!! Pyramid butterflies are cool with coral, they don't eat it and some wrasses for diversity?? I don't know if you've kept wrasses before so I thought it could be new?
    Always enjoying your content!

  7. Hey Joey I work at Top Shelf Aquatics in Winter Park Florida. In regards to trying two clown triggers, don’t. Just don’t. That’s top 2 most aggressive trigger. I barely can get other fish with them when I get a shipment in. But two clown triggers they will fight instantly, to the death.


Complete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System - Week 9: Counting Down To The Hydroponic Harvest (RECAP)

Complete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System – Week 9: Counting Down To The Hydroponic Harvest (RECAP)

WORMS! #shorts @martysgarden

WORMS! #shorts @martysgarden