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  1. Hey Joey … I know you get thousands messages asking you questions… But I was wondering if I can ask one more… I'm in the process of setting up a dwarf cichlid tank… I want the Bacardi & cichlid and simlish shell dwellers…

    Do you think it's possible do you have both species in the same tank???

    Thank you Joey and your videos have been inspiring , informative &
    by far a pleasure to watch …

  2. Come to Oman! You can do so much aquarium related stuff here because of the biodiversity but more importantly I'll be able to meet you! (No joke, if you come to Oman I would freak out)

  3. Ok you need to set frank up so he’s in the back ground of all the general filming please. Don’t you understand we need to have a dose of frank every time you post. We are your fans Joey aren’t you listening???????

  4. You thought that plant was expensive? You should move to Australia… I can’t buy any plant for less than $10 (the rare ones average at around $20-50)

    Have you considered buy some pseudomugils for any of your aquariums?


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