SETTING UP THE FIRST AQUARIUMS in the aquarium gallery

How i set up my aquarium rack. Next video we stock them!

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  1. I understand that wave makers for marine fish is necessary but do freshwater fish really require it, because all its really doing is breaking up the surface of the water to allow for gas exchange, but if the filter has a high enough flow rate, you're still disturbing the surface of the water.

  2. Hey Joey! Off topic question. I have found three small black worms in my freshwater tank, mainly above the waterline on the glass. I cannot find any info online. Can you give me any information?

  3. Why did you put the uniseal so high in the first sump? There will be no flow going through the bio blocks. I would think reactors might work better to pull the water down eliminating dead spots below the uniseal. Then use the bio blocks in the first chamber of the second sump.

  4. Well the purpose of the Aquarium Gallery is making a mark here in Niagara, Ontario. My friends and I are getting back into the hobby after watching your channel almost religiously and I'm absolutely in love with what your doing for each aquarium. Its been 5 or 6 years since we dismantled our last ones. Hope to even begin to tap what you've achieved Joey! Can't wait to see what goes in the rest of these 120g's !!

  5. I'm glad ecotech is sponsoring a lot of this, between the saltwater and freshwater camps we kind of stay in our circles and have our manufacturers and vendors that are well known in our respective hobbies. A lot of advancements in lighting and care for planted tanks have contributed to more efficient nutrient export in our reefs with maximizing growth of macro algaes, and ecotech is a good example of a primarily marine brand which obviously can be just as useful in a freshwater environment.

    I'd like to see Neptune Apex send Joey some equipment so he can play around with taking our reef controllers and computers and putting them into his gallery to provide custom notifications and output events on flow rates due to his quiet pumps. You can program an in line flow meter with the apex to turn on an audible alarm or send you a text if the flow drops below a certain threshold in that tank. Also, outside of the salinity probe, having a network based temperature, ph, and orp sensor would be handy in anyone's tank, not just the reefs.

  6. I'm looking into getting a 45-50 gallon aquarium, I know it's not huge but it's all I can afford/ have space for. What are some cool fish that I can stock it with that are fairly easy to care for being that I'm just getting into fish keeping

  7. Great work!!! I have a question. How are you going to do a substrate cleanining on the bottom tank. I am asking for the reason of the rocks and everything. Or do you remove all the rocks ext. And then clean?