Setting up my aquarium!

Setting up my aquarium!


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Today we set up the diy aquarium i built for my office

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  1. Hello, I have a 20 gallon(80litre) tank that I built. I filled water, and some old dirty gravel of my other fish,
    Am adding fish poop water from other aquariums I have to this one and also have added many snails, have a sponge filter in with a motor running.. I keep adding fish food as well like you said.
    Anyway, the gravel has all dirt, food etc, all brown, it's been 2 weeks, should I change water?? And once cycled, should I directly put in my Flowerhorn or first clean the gravel and change water and then introduce my fish which is now in his old small tank.
    Waiting for your advice.. thanks..

  2. if you drill holes in the pump compartment, in case of massive evaporation, doesn't that reduce it's effectiveness in sucking the water through the filtration system when the level is not dropped?


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