Today we set up the new aquarium fish tank. The asian aquarium.

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  1. Hi, I recently built a concrete pond for Koi (2.5k gal) i am planning to paint epoxy that avoids algae. My question is, is it bad for the good bacteria that we expect grow in the biological filter? Appreciate your suggestions.

  2. How about just adding a few inches of water, just to the top of the woods so they dont float up, leave to soak up water for a few days then you can finish topping up knowing they wont float up to the top.

  3. My person opinion… Scrap the anubias, instead look into crypts or even mini java fern to keep a nod to the asian biotope… To make it look more natural, try also using dried oak leaves or banana leaves/fronds; even shells of nuts or cones to give variety to leaf litter – and is a total DIY, all you need is an oak tree can you have a supply of fresh leaves for free…

  4. Hy joey!! in the saltwater tank how about a cuttlefish?? they are incredible! i know too much right….. ok how about in the predator tank a cute dwarf lionfish, they have so much personality!! and changing subject have you ever have crabs? ahh sorry didn't meant that way, i mean i love crabs like Pom Pom Crabs and it would we so good to get some tips and maybe set up another planted aquarium with them and some shrimp!

  5. Joey you mentioned you prefer Malaysian driftwood in your previous video. Instead of that, can we use beach drirtwood for out freshwater/tropical fish? Please reply me.. thanks alot. If so, what should i do, are there any somesort like step by step kinda thing? From your supporter in a small country called Brunei.

  6. Hey Joey! Love the look of the tank but perhaps changing it so it's mirrored to the opposite side of the tank will help it seem more natural as your hardscape will flow the same direction as your background? Just a thought! But keep up the awesome work!

  7. Would love to talk to you about a product my nephew and I invented for aquariums. Lighting up ornaments and such inside aquariums with no electricity or wires. We use Light, Sound, Motion & Bubbles to enhance viewing experience. Check it out on facebook. Go to GMF Aquatics. Hope to hear from you…PS…Been following you for years. Great job


Mud Crab Disinfection before going into RAS system

Mud Crab Disinfection before going into RAS system

Barnacles on Crabs Gills- Compound Microscope Magnification

Barnacles on Crabs Gills- Compound Microscope Magnification