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Today in the aquarium gallery, we add some fish to the first 40G aquarium. Some of you know this fish and saw me tease it previously, but most have no clue why i wasn’t showing a specific aquarium!!

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  1. Just got 3 pea puffers for my 20 gallon and through some cherry shrimp in to see if they make it there so cool to watch want to get a green spotted or a figure 8 for another tank i have but well worthwhile fun little fish

  2. Another warning with these guys (amazon puffers), their teeth grow really fast and can prevent them from eating! You may have to trim them and that is a sort of difficult process as you have to sedate them. You can try to prevent this by feeding snails and crunchy things, but overall they usually still grow too big and will most likely need a trim or more per year.

  3. OMG their so god dang cute!! I found my new favorite fish LOL thank you Joey lol. I absolutely love the new Amazon Puffer fish and I think it was a great pick as well for that aquarium!!

  4. Hey Joey my co worker just got a 60 gallon tank and she wants discus but every one is telling her that each one needs 55 gallons. What is you opinion on the matter?

  5. Worng they are good in groups in the wild or on bigger the better tank.
    These puffers will nip each other's up in a small tank.
    I've found they only do well with fast constant moving fish like danios.
    Guys who claim to be puffer guys have no clue. In captivity 1 freshwater puffer is hard to even find the right tankmate.



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