SECRET AQUARIUM ROOM – The king DIY fish tank QT room

SECRET AQUARIUM ROOM - The king DIY fish tank QT room

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. I dont know if you follow me or not on instagram… but i usually post all the progress there before it hits youtube. find me @uarujoey … FULL DISCLOSER: i dont take instagram serious usually and things can get silly. You have been warned.

  2. Joey, you mentioned that you just replaced the floors, but did you find that the weight of the tanks (stands, + water and fish) left any indentations on your laminate floor at all? I have wood laminate flooring and I currently have a 55gal tank with a metal stand and I am planning on upgrading to a 100+ gal tank and a larger stand, but my husband is concerned that the weight will damage the floor. Thanks.

  3. Hi Joe! Another great video as usual. I will say that every time I start to say to my self, I think I am going to call it quities with my 30 years of fish keeping. I turn on your channel and Boom💥 you keep me inspired and get my juices flowing to keep the hobby interesting all over again for me. Thanks for your great content and inspiration.

  4. I love these videos and this whole channel but dude you gotta make up your mind on something 😂 I cant believe how much it costs you changing around the whole gallery and re painting every 3 months

  5. nice to hear you see you doing joe! I was thinking you are done with ideas! keep it up my fd, I still refer to your old vid great job man

  6. I love it. I remember saying I thought u were going to paint the whole wall and you said it was never going to happen. Hahaha. I'm glad you did. Love the new asthetics in the room. Great job Joey.


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