Saltwater aquariums, coral and reef tanks!

What an amazing aquarium event reefapalooza was! Cant wait to see what New York has to offer!!

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  1. Im not much of a vlogger or a reporter for that matter(especially when it comes to aquarium event coverage)… But what i can do is something no one else can; what this event was like from MY perspective. I hope you enjoyed this video. I know i certainly enjoyed making it! See you in New York?

  2. its funny watching this… you got me into tanks… brs got me into salt water and then i lost it all stayed away for a few years and George coralfish12g got me back into it… and im catching up with every ones videos again

  3. "The thing about salt water aquariums the more and more you kinda look into them, and see how these are successfully run, is the simplicity of all the equipment; and we've got a nice light, of course, and then the overflow system goes down to the sump here, I assume. You know, very basic, nothing fancy here, this looks like something I would have definitely put together. That looks maybe 20 gallon sump, filter sock, and of course, this is just a temporary system. But, to be honest with you a lot of aquariums these days are being set up simplistically, and not many of them have a massive amount of equipment on them. which is very interesting to me."

    You are going to need a lot of water changes that way Joey.

  4. this makes me hate the apartment I live in. can't have any fish tanks right now and I want a 30 gallon cube with 15 gallon sump for extra filter power if needed but more to have excessive bacteria collection of beneficial bacteria.

  5. D.I.Y guy I love your videos they are so helpful but is there a way we can ask you questions about are own aquariums….. also I am in the middle of building my own plywood tank and am doing it step by step to your video you did 1 year ago please wright back to asking you a few questions thanks ryan ,Plymouth , England

  6. Do you announce when your going to events like this? Was there and would have loved the opportunity to meet you in person. Also if you dont mind me asking what did you use for recording audio on this vid?



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