Saltwater aquarium setup – The scape

Today we scape the saltwater aquarium. Here is the video on how i did it!

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  1. I own a predator tank with with a big snowflake and porcupine and some other predators. Personally i would recommend puttying the upper rocks together, as the eel especially as it gets bigger, will move rocks around and dig around the rocks and are surprisingly stronger than you might think. I personally dont have my rock work attached to each other and have to rescape almost once a month. Also keep in mind to try and make the caves big enough for the lion and puffer because they love caves and hanging out in them. Normally when i dive with them in florida that is where you find them rather than free swimming around.

  2. How about making a DIY live rock. I've been waiting for years to see you do it and the other saltwater stuff. I'm in to the saltwater hobby but I always watch your channel since the uaru days because your channel is very informative.Those rocks are expensive and this discourages a newbie. DIY live rock will help keep the initial cost of set up down. Although I have seen almost all the DIY live rock videos, I want to see your version because yours is always well thought out with attention to details. Thanks for helping the hobby.

  3. i hadn't used that much amount of coral rocks. instead i planed how should i scaped the tank with corals but not too much. You just make sure fish doesn't stifle in tank!!!

  4. You should try utilizing decorative macroalgae. 🙂 It's like live plants, but for saltwater! You'd be amazed how many different varieties of macros there are. There are also super-easy softies, like mushrooms, that would add some color without adding to difficulty.

  5. I 👍 like both scapes , they both are pretty amazing,however the first scape i think is more appealing for the fish as far as them having mor areas where they can swim threw. If i were you i would leave the last scape you did and switch to the other scape the first one when you clean your tank again.I think it would pretty cool to switch it back and fourth ,you will be able to tell by your fish which scape they will like the best.Awesome Job both scapes Joey!!!!!So pretty.

  6. I heard you say about wood for the plecs. I had wood in my cichlids tank for him but took it out cause I heard can mess with the ph. Should I move my pleco to my tank with wood or put wood back in cichlid tank. I would like to keep him in there. He does a great job helping with the maintenance. Thank you for any input.

  7. Looks great. Another cool would be 2 sets with the longer pieces making a bridge like to connect both sides. Would look awesome as well with your set up. As always thank you for the video.

  8. Hey joey predator tanks can still have corals! things like eels, lion fish, groupers, angler fish, rhinopus, scorpion fish, they all eat things whole and wouldn't touch your corals. even the puffer will only bother certain things and I have kept many of these fish with corals and macro algae. Macro algae makes a great addition to a predator reef because not only will it help clean the water by naturally removing nitrates but it gives the fish places to hide ant hunt as well. Also make sure to add some sand sifters like olive snails, your puffer might snack on one once in a while but they will mostly stay in your sand bed and clean. Cant wait to see more this has what I've really been waiting for! P.s. your aquascape looks great =)

  9. Have you ever thought about adding multiple fuzzy dwarf lion fish? They look mean but cute all at the same time. I think that would look so awesome in your tank!! 😬😬😬

  10. @The King of DIY I was wondering how do you do (if you still do seen some video that said do need to) all your water changes. I am not sure if you had a video on it. I was looking for one but so far didn't see it.

    As in what is your set up like. How do you make sure the water is good for the tanks? And so on.

  11. Hello Joey First of all i have the out most respect for you and all your videos and your tribute to the hobby. but i must say as a scubadiver i have seen alot of lionfish and 90% of them where hanginng out under rock overhangs like they wanted to escape the sun or something. so i dont really agree that it is a openwater fish.

  12. Bravo Joey, I’ve been watching your videos for a couple years even though I’m a reefer. Your videos think outside of the box on fish care, plumbing, aquarium construction and really keep me entertained. But now you are getting in the my passion lol keep it up and good luck. Sorry to hear you won’t be attending Reefapalooza Orlando, see you next year?


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