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  1. Why do so many ppl complain about how much he talks? He gives a lot of useful information in a short and interesting video (lol Frank in the background) he keeps me interested with his passion and enthusiasm for the hobby. It is because of watching his video that my fish have been thriving beautiful for a year now. So thank you king 🙂 you are awesome!!!!

  2. it's not so much the oxygen levels dropping so much but the massive increase of CO2 whch makes the water more acidic. Opening the bag does not so much increase the oxygen but a massive drop in CO2.. this is what increases the pH and make the ammonia more toxic

  3. Thanks for your infomation from shipping incoming to tranfer to into tank. Waiting to c u have parrot king kong fishes with yellow n orange colour from ordering at Taiwan bcos usually comes from Taiwan. Hope to c it soon. Thanks.

  4. Just to note about that statement regarding clownfish doing well with their own kind: that only applies to common, percula and tomato clowns. All other clownfish are highly territorial to a degree that makes Betta Splendins look tame.

  5. Thank you so much Joey for showing people how to properly transfer fish from the bag to the tank. I accidentally killed my first ever betta when i was 14 as I didnt understand the problems with the water. A really important and simple step that's great to know how to do properly, thanks again Joey 😀


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