Taking a look at some of my DIY aquarium projects i never finished…

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  1. Joey for the moving waver make have a look at how a car wiper mechanism works its the thing but in a different use and it very simple and easy to make. Big fan hope to see you next time your in the uk

  2. I believe the unknown leads are for battery power. How ever don't take my work for it I am not completely sure. Perhaps their is an additional probe that can be used with it. For sure sow more unfinished projects their interesting. Finish the ones you like, their interesting. I originally found your channel looking for a way to DIY filters. I like both the old and new videos.

  3. 5:45 That's a neat thing, pretty sure the spades are for a battery backup. I think you should look into transducer based flow meters. They are fanless and use time displacement to measure flow rates.
    12:35 Live wires? Anything under 50 volts is safe as long as it doesn't penetrate your skin. And you haven't even plugged it in yet! 😛

  4. if you don't know most of the stuffs means ,why did you make this video, it dose not make any sense.the video is full of I know what it is, i don't know what it does, don't make a trash video just to upload

  5. That siphon cover is such a good idea! I had a couple zebras get sucked up one day and one unfortunately didn't make it. I definitely need to get one!

  6. Hey use a waterproof rc car servo theres 3 wires a negative a left and right wire the limited already you just need a waybof controlling it I could program up a ardwino for you to run it it be alpt easier then trying to build a mechanism to rotate and reset!#

  7. What you want to do could be done with an Arduino and a Servo.
    Also, you can buy those flow meters by themselves, and hook them to an Arduino as well. You could have 1 screen read out a virtually unlimited number of flow meters. I've actually done exactly that in the past.
    I've played with Arduino since I was 10. If anyone is actually interested in seeing this, reply and let me know, I could put together a video on how to do it.


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