Today we have a guest in the aquarium gallery… a NEW resident to my province… a fellow fish keeper that is also a YOUTUBER!! This could get fun for future videos!

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  1. I know this was an old video, but I just found you guys not long ago..This was really exciting to watch you guys. When you have two people, that I personally look up to on all things fish, come together, it is pretty awesome! So glad you guys are living in the same Providence… I feel like we're going to see some amazing stuff and learn so much from you guys. Y'alls enthusiasm for each other's places was contagious… I couldn't stop smiling watching you guys!! Plus, I absolutely love the chickens Thomas! Much love Joey,from Portsmouth Virginia!!

  2. I think you should keep doing your videos it’s great to see your big smile as I’ve said before Joey well done mate well done from the bottom of my heart

  3. Yes, please more collabs like this one. Thomas is such a nice guy and both are so passionate and fun to watch. Nova Scotia might be rural but boy is it ever beautiful. My family lives there.

  4. I've watched Thomas for a few years, just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and have found it AMAZING! So, I enjoyed watching two people I respect in the hobby do a video together, and I'd love to see more!

  5. This was so great to watch! I love both of your personalities, at least as much as I've seen so far! But I loved it! I think future videos together would be awesome! Keep making great content Joey!


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