PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

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  1. I raised WC cichla orinocensis from about 2 inchers until they were close to 14 inches. They are notoriously a pain in the butt to get on prepared foods and it was a nerve racking time to finally get them to eat raw shrimp and tilapia and then eventually massivore pellets. I would suggest quarantined feeders (1 feeder at a time) just to get something in their belly's. Once they associate YOU with food they will hit anything as soon as it hits the water. Good luck and great vids!

  2. I am too invested and obsessed with these fish. I'm serious. Frank and Francine are my one true pairing. For real. I love those two so much. They seem to have a TON of personality. Thank you for this channel. 🙂

  3. killed my pike live feeding so now i only feed dead food as disease comes from live fish, so better at least to get like crickets from pets store rather than live baby fish at least less risk.

  4. howdy and thanks for your videos! I actually lived in Venezuela for 4 years between 1992-1996 and had a unique opportunity to go on a fishing trip to Caniama where me and the boys fished for three different varieties of peacock bass: Tiger-the smallest and most fun fighter, Mariposa-larger, and Royal – over 30 pounds!!! Yours look like Royal markings. The lake where we fished had red belly piranha and black Caimen as well. So very full of major predators. We used artificial lures that were designed to pop on the surface of the water very hard. The surfaceof the lake was very densely covered with algae so you se up is FAR too OPEN for the situation that I observed in the wild. Good luck with the fish!!! I am sooo jealous. I only have one 75 gallon tank that is empty…Oh also the water was super cold and clear- It was so hot that I actually jumped in after the guide went first! (remember the Piranha and black caiman LOL)

  5. Using a feeding stick will allow you to simulate the prey being alive. It also allows for feeding of slower fish (bottom feeders, eels, etc.) when a tank also contains aggressive fish (ie. wrasses, trigger fish, grouper, etc.). Just my $0.02, hopefully this info helps some.


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