Pouring clownfish into my aquarium – The king of DIY saltwater fish tank

Part 1:
Complete saltwater aquarium makeover – The king of DIY

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  1. I would keep the Green Star Polyps (GSP) separate from everything else. It will look good as an isolated lump of GSP. Otherwise in no time it will cover your whole rock structure and any other corals you want to put there will not thrive. Getting GSP off rocks where you don't want it is very difficult.

  2. Been watching your videos for a while. Great videos love the changes all the time. Lots of great ideas and video's . I also echo the clown trigger needs a new home. I bet he and Kevin would hang out just great!

  3. You think the Yellow Tangs are bad? Don't put a Powder Blue or Powder Brown in there. The Powders are big time jerks. The GSP I would say avoid it and not put it in anything except a trash bag.

  4. Joey.. you need help with saltwater. Take your time do some research and try to think critically. I know you see everybody telling you the clown trigger is a no go. You will also have a problem when the anemones wander around the tank stinging all your corals. This isn’t freshwater, corals are very finicky. You need to watch nitrate phosphate Alk Cal and Mag. Watch BRS. Watch BRS. WATCH BULK REEF SUPPLY.

  5. take away the third stone from left on the top on the frontreef , it will open up the reef so you can see behind it – or maybe all three stones from the left

  6. Good luck for new coral i suggest take a heavy like you have already one. clowns are looking so stunning with schooling and black are also amazing. this tank is now super cool with out fighting. all are happy and swim. love them!

  7. Joey I really recommend isolating the gsp to its own island. As it grows/encrusts over all the main structure it will certainly choke out/smother other corals you may like to have on the structure later

  8. How much work and research do you do before choosing which korals to have and where to place them? :O

    Just started a salt water tank myself and want to know how detaol oriented i need to be :/


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