Planting the 2,000G aquarium

Planting the 2,000G aquarium

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  1. You do know that every single one of those Amazon Swords will "melt" and then grow its submersed form? All of those are in their emersed growth form. Don't give up on them before they have a chance to adjust. Don't forget to fertilize them, since there are no fish in there to feed the plants.

  2. im no expert on this but if you dont like the planters you could always get some kinda soft tube like expandable fabric like spandex or pantyhose or something like that and stuff it with the soil, flatten it out a bit and poke some holes in them put the plants in and cover them up with sand or substrate, maybe test it out see how it holds together??

  3. Honey, you haven't try the amazon fishies all together in the fishtanks why not in this one, discus, angels, tetras, all amazon swords and staff, omg my imagination got wild

  4. Wow… all that effort by the guys building your custom background, making everything so realistic…and you really want to hang wicker baskets and put dollarama planters there… interesting

  5. Throw some of those kessel led pendent lights onto the logs. They are small and pack a punch light wise. Can give direct lighting to the plants and i believe they penetrate deep enough while maintaining a good enough par reading.

  6. See this look like they were above water. Amazon swords tend to have very long leaves with almost no actual stem. Plus, when they die back and regrow, they occupy a huge space. I have two in my 55 gallon right now and together they take up a large amount of space. I’d recommend 2 in any one of those potters. And fully submerge them because then they will die back.

  7. I am "do your self " person like you. If I want to do something i reed , research on it , see some video about it, and do it by myself . Sometimes I succeed sometimes I don't, and I learn from my mistake. I respect you and honour your work and the help you are doing to all of us.

  8. I dont know what Kinda fish would be good in that tank there is so dang many but u should definetley put som shrimp in there and they will breed so u gonna have like a million shrimps in there together with the fish

  9. Hey Joey quick question im tryingbto start up a new saltwater aquarium its going to be a 55 gallon but I don't what size sump should I have for that size of tank mind helping me out :)shout out from Dallas Tx

  10. Not sure if you read comments. But, You can take earthworm castings and place it under the plants when the tank is dry. Then cap that with the sand you want to use. You'll need a pretty heavy cap (2 to 3 inches)


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