Today we begin to plant the 2,000 gallon aquarium fish tank with aquarium plants. The only catch? its filled with freshwater stingrays and asian arowana!
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  1. I would like to know would it be possible to convert a planted pot into a suction filter almost like a cross between a corner filter and an under gravel filter?

  2. Hello Joey! Paul Cuffaro made a new video about Flowerhorns and Discus. Maybe give him advice considering you're an experienced FH and Discus owner.. there seems to be A LOT of conflicting information about Flowerhorns and their tank size requirements. Just want to make sure he can get the best information as possible.
    Thank you for another wonderful video, can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  3. Love and appreciate your video. Overly amused how peeps are complaining about how something is pronounced. Like they have said every word perfectly all their life. Kinda sad actually, when one considers all you do for the community.

  4. Everything looks awesome. Need more floating plants! Hopefully they will grow in. If anything pull the big pot out of you think it’s too big of an eye sore and put that log back in that spot

  5. Hey Joey! Good job on the planting. I don’t wanna be “that girl”, but I feel like you’d have been far better off planting in low, flat-bottomed plastic pond plant baskets. They are much more stable and forgiving than the more upright flowerpots made of pretty easily breakable material. Hope you prove me wrong, but I feel like the rays are going to get into these, spill them, break them and/or otherwise make a mess. 😕

    Great vid, as always. Also… it’s per.MAN.gan.ate … not pomegranate. 🤣

  6. Thank you Joey! This is the exact thing I was considering doing in my oranda tank and you went and made this video!!! Keep up the videos, I've learned alot, I really appreciate you!!


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