PLANTING and ADDING FISH to my aquarium

Today, I share the story of what happened over the last 4 months with my planted aquarium. I show the planted aquarium background, the substrate, the scaping and finally the planting and stocking!


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  1. Hey joey hope u see this post love to c u do a co2 planted tank in the gallery Love all ur videos cheers mate
    Oh when u coming to Australia

  2. I just wanted to say i was listening to your channel on my drive to work this morning and happened to come across a video of you explaining how you were losing interest in making content for us. You continued to elaborate on how you changed your video style and content. My point of this comment is basically its very apparent now that ive become an avid fan of yours. Going back and watching your older content to videos within the last few years you really notice a difference! I'm glad youre enjoying it again as I'm sure it can be trying at times. Keep up the amazing videos! I've learned so much and hope to continue learning!

  3. Watched these videos. Decided to add a sump in my tank. That turned into a backdrop and sandfall. 'hey add plants!'

    >Lfs has dennerle rep coming to talk about their plants

    Went to that. Decided to not only do my tank. But now ive got a tissue culture lab and over a hundred species of plants in my home.

    Still haven't finished tank build. I did get rim off. Not much past that yet. Hah

  4. The first dragonstone layout looked pretty sweet, shame you didn't go with it. And I'm saying that as someone who's used to seeing George Farmer scapes, so I'm not easily impressed.

    How did you achieve that dense growth? Any liquid fertilization? Water change amount and frequency?

  5. Just found your channel – it is so entertaining! 🙂 thanks for your fish-stories, it makes me being more creative with my aquarium; greetings from austria

  6. Hi, i have set a new planted tank. It's 2 weeks old now. The plants started Turing brown. Not sure why. May be it brown spotted algae or lac of nutrition's. I am not sure. Can you please help me to fight this

  7. I'm glad I saw this! You're a little hard on yourself, the tank looks good even after the transformations it's gone through. I'm getting close to starting my very first serious planted tank in my 10 years in the hobby (I started when I was just a jobless, broke, teenager) I have an ADA 45P that I'll be using. I'm looking closely at your DIY aquarium stand build for this tank series because that's what I really need and am looking towards building something like it. I'll be using RO-DI water so that I can kind of have strong control of water parameters. A twin star nano is in the way from Korea. I live the look of that rotala used in your tank and am inspired to place it in my tank at one point. Thanks for the great vid series here. One question though: did those shrimp breed in that tank?

  8. Who is "Jen/Gen" Williams please? Can you give me a link to her channel? Love these vids Joey! Great job, and thanks for investing the time to impart your knowledge!

  9. Hello i am a french teenager and i love your video and i can learn my english during i watching yoir video .Merci et continu comme ça car je kif grave 👌👍💓




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