Planted Aquarium FILTER REVEAL

When it comes to the 375 gallon planted aquarium filtration, i was simply going to use an old canister filter i already have, until i got a call from a friend offering to make me something MUCH better!

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  1. Question, I am wondering if it matters where your K1 reactor sits. Is it more efficient if you have fluidized media first then move over to you submerged media? Is it less efficient if you make K1 the final Media that water passes through?

  2. First of all, you are doing a really good job. I love your youtube channel !!! My question, why do not you use biological filter media made of sintered glass? the bacterial surface is much larger than the moving bed.
    Greetings from Berlin Germany Maik

  3. I don't get the idea of the Media Reactors. Wouldn't the media in the chamber only filter the water that pumps through it? This leaves a lot of unfiltered water to flow pass if the pump doesn't catch it all doesn't it?

  4. So I am multitasking playing video games and binge watching the gallery playlist and when you said it was a sexy sump I kinda ignored it because of course you would say that….. and then I looked down a minute later and hot damn that is a sexy sump

  5. You could use the reactors for filling them with algae and other fluid filter media, activated carbon would take away all the nutrients for the plants you want to put in. UV sterilizer could also clear up the water a bit.. I'm sure you'll find a way to crisp up the water, but carbon won't be the right thing for a planted aquarium πŸ™‚

  6. DOOD! You (and more importantly, your TANKS) look great! You've helped me greatly getting back into the hobby. You ARE a role model for us! Thanks brutha, <3


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