Planning the pond and other aquarium projects

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The weather is finally nice enough to take the pond liner out and do some planning!

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  1. New youtuber, have built my first Goldfish pond and was wandering if anyone could watch my videos. I also upload videos on my goldfish breeding and how i raised my fry.I subscribed and liked Thank you

  2. would you be awsome and let me get one of the on the back canister filters i have a turtle tank and he likes to climb up normal filters and i cant figure out how to build the filter you had

  3. If your soil has enough clay in it …you don't need a liner.
    I really like the idea of not exposing my fish or edible water garden plants
     to the nasty stuff in plastic.
    Check out Sepp Holzer and his way of building a natural pond or permaculture ponds.

  4. Joey, your wife deserves an award. An award for putting up with your endless list of aquarium projects. She's a keeper for sure. If it's a Nova Scotia thing, let me know so I can renew my passport.

  5. I recently heard about a snow storm thats headed for Nova Scotia. I'm hoping you're doing well and just be carefull. The ice storm in the Greater Toronto Area was pretty bad 3 years ago and i hope it won't be as bad up in Nova Scotia. plz stay safe Joey and hope the wifi is on because you know how children are these days xD

  6. Hi,I have a 55gallon freshwater aquarium would it be fine if I put a dead branch from a forest in the tank so the fish can swim under and around it just to act as a more natural hiding place

  7. I have a huge problem! I have a sanded aquarium and my Koi keeps stirring it up, and gets sucked into the intake on my canister filter. I tried adding rocks and a layer of gravel but nothing seems to be working? Any advice?



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