Oops… this planted aquarium was a fail – fish ate everything

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  1. Have you considered "Synodontis petricola, known as the cuckoo catfish, or the pygmy leopard catfish"? I really love these catfish and I bet you would too. They are outgoing and their contrasting colors are similar to what you seem to like.

  2. Just curious if you have ever kept piranhas and why you don’t have any now. I have two tanks, a 75 gallon with four Piranhas 5 to 6 inches long and 180 gallon with eight piranhas 8 to 12 inches long. I have been keeping this species of fish for over six years now

  3. Do you know where I could order some acrylic panels to make a big custom aquarium. I want something 7 feet long, 2-3 feet high and about 3 feet wide, I want to make one to house a peacock bass or 2.

  4. I’m glad your showing more of the fish now, although it’s good to hear your descriptions and chat and boy you know how to chat and that’s great but I need fish input, cheers joey

  5. Plz stock it with female bettas! They have a lot of variety in color. Or imagine a group of bettas with the same colors roaming around in that tank, that sounds challenging but cool idea.

  6. Hi i have low tec planted tank and there are 2 clown loaches
    2 rainbow sharks
    2 albino corydoras
    2 chinese algae eaters and 10 neon tetras. But recently i plant leaves are bitten by some fish…
    Which fish it could be…..

  7. its probably best to get a carnivore fish to avoid your plants being eaten again lol, how do you feel about piranhas? or maybe if its big enough a little bamboo or cat shark? or… a moray eel oooh

  8. I’m a newbie, you were one of my first youtubers I started watching. Love your vids. Down south in Mississippi, USA. You could be a southern boy!!! ❤️. Thanks for sharing all you know. I’m loving my fish babies.


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