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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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Truro, NS
B2N 7B8

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The king of DIY


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  1. My user name has changed, but I've been around since the original 1k. I have some sort of vicarious joy for you seeing your channel explode in the last couple years. Getting that sort of following for such a niche audience is no small feat. Congrats Joey.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! ONE DAY I WILL HIT A 1MIL. SHOOT, ID BE HAPPY TO EVEN GET INTO THE THOUSANDS… im laughing because id react the same way when i get my 1 mil plaque haahahah.

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!! just watched your other video introducing yourself and your past and to see where you are now and how ecstatic you are for this accomplishment is absolutely everything!

  4. So, your predator pond feeding video has been popping up in my recommendations for weeks now. Finally watched and I am hooked. No pun there. Watched your part 1 confessional followed by your 1 million vid. Out of order I know. Anyways a late congratulations, and please keep em coming. Gonna go, got some catching up go do. Thanks for what you do.

  5. I have only been following you for a few weeks but I thought you were great from the start. Only just now did I watch the first of your two “special” videos. You hit on so much that is so true. I can’t begin to summarize it but the bottom line is that we all want and deserve to be loved and accepted as we are. If we were the world would be a better place. It took a lot of guts for you to share what you did. I know it will help many and it is helping me. Don’t ever let anyone call you hyper, etc. You joy is great but because you are a man and have such enthusiasm it is so helpful to others. I believe you are what a real man should be and as such what the world needs. I would like to say more but I won’t ramble. Personally, I can’t thank you enough for the few videos I have watched but all of “this” (You Tube, fish, etc) is clearly part of your purpose. Thank you for being you, Joey! Michael. Oregon. USA

  6. wow very inspirational. Thanks Joey I will be viewing all your videos as I build our new 16 Deep 16 Tall & 8 feet wide aquarium. May the LORD bless you & your Wife.

  7. Congrats my friend! This is the best aquaristic-theme channel on Youtube! Never give up, just do it, you're the best, we follow you and we love you so much! Best regards: Tamas from Hungary.

  8. Congratulations! Truly awesome! Love all your videos and I always look forward to the next one. Thank you Joey for getting me back into the fish keeping hobby.

  9. Why not 10m Joey?!! There is a huge world out there and some people for one reason or another, can't have their own fish so can enjoy the wonder of yours. Accompanied by a passionate, happy, talented and loveable guy like you x


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