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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. Hi I really enjoy your videos, this seems like a great idea for my fish room I am currently building, I can't seem to find a link to the products you purchased.What is the model of orbit irrigation unit you used and the tankless water heater in particular?

  2. Great stuff as allways Joey! Know you have left these automater water changes now since you said you felt lacy. Me personally I think automation is the way to go in meny areas so why not also in our hobby? In that way we can focus on the fun parts! 🙂

  3. love the vid i am going to do this for my tank but i have a question for you for my water that will drip in to my tank can i use a in line coconut carbon filter cartridge that you get for the fridge is this safe to use

  4. @The king of DIY love the idea. Basing everything on time seems a bit scary. Back when I had my larger setup, I just used float switches to control water level. One float kicked everything on, one kicked everything off and the last was the 'oh s**t' sensor. and they're relatively cheap. You can pick up a 5pack on ebay for $15. And anyone with a programming background could hook you down with an arduino that kicks everything on and off with some real basic relays. I've been thinking of putting together a scalable aquarium managing system that would allow for full control of lights, pumps, heaters, waterchanges etc, with a raspberry pi, arduino mega, and the likes and making it open source so people like you who give so much to the hobby could get a little help.

  5. Why have to manually drain water? Why not have the overflow on the water line so you just have to pump fresh water in to change water? What is even the point of doing this if you still have to manually drain water?

  6. Ugh… My head is spinning. LOL
    I'm excited to see how this system works out.
    While I love watching you work on the gallery, could you maybe do a video on something on a smaller scale? Or have you already done a video on that? Probably so. LOL

  7. You just about got it figured out, I’m feelin it man! I think all you’re missing, to complete the project, is a flux capacitor…….and then to clean it all up and make it pretty! No, but really, I have full faith that you will figure it out and get’er done. Keep up the good work!👌👍

  8. I will try to set up a tank for cardinal tetra's but i like the idea of putting some angel fish in there as well.. my tank is 450liters and i'd like to know if u can keep this together? 🙂

  9. Using the pump spot in the controller you can hook up a master valve over in front of the filter which will disconnect the water from the whole system when there is no demand for water as an extra safety to avoid flooding the museum

  10. Hey Joey! I subscribed to the monthly membership and was just wondering if you have uploaded anything yet? I didn't see anything, but I'm not sure where to find the membership content! You're the best! Thank you!!!

  11. Been having a think on this. Time is not really the best as you have pointed out but the control unit you have contains all the logic you need it to so it's much smarter. If you put electronic values on the 50% sump drain you could do the following zone 1 turns on the rack 1 drain, then zone 1 turns off and zone 2 turns on the fill to rack 1 and the drain to rack 2 and so and so forth. Sensor wise you could go as complicated or sophicitated as you want. That wire link in the box is probably space for a rain sensor so if you break the link the system shuts down. You could meter the water or use float switches if you didn't mind a bit more electronics.

  12. I notice you don't normally reply to command.. I had ask you simply question that couldn't be answers by the person made this video. We all aquarium hobby and love to be successful life. I need option or opinion about keep tang or hippo tang live

  13. Just a thought why dont you buy more valves attach them to the drains and then wire it up to the box that way you turn one on and it turns on the inlet and outlet at the same time


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