NEW FISH for the 2,000G aquarium!

NEW FISH for the 2,000G aquarium!

Today i show the new fish for the 2,000 gallon aquarium in the aquarium gallery. Find me on tiktok for more! @thekingofdiyofficial
PART 2 !!

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  1. I love everything about this tank, it looks absolutely stunning how it’s decorated. I love the waterfall, the vines, the rock, the large tree and the leaves. It’s like a rainforest lagoon.

  2. Please don't put a fahaka with other fish. They aren't community type fish. They can be peaceful for years and then a switch flips in their brains and everything in their tank has to be killed. It's not worth it to put a ticking time bomb into your tank.

  3. When you mention the Sevrum come from the same area as discus I immediately thought of Festivum Cichlids. That in turn brought me to Altum Angels. Angelfish have always been my favorite, but back in the 70s Sclare were the only thing I could get.

  4. Will you ever do Jellyfish or do more real sharks again? It was sad when the baby sharks died. Also I adore the stingrays. Will you do more Flowerhorns? I still miss Frank and Buddy.

  5. Some dwarf ciclids would be nice or even bigger ciclids maybe angel fish. Some leopard frog plecos. Lots of stuff you can do with such a big tank. Looks awesome though


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