NEW FISH ADDED TO THE AQUARIUM – african cichlid fish

Adding the new fish to the aquarium. The fish were all lake tanganyika cichlids. The shell dwellers are “Gold occelatus” and the lemon cichlid are “neolaprolongus leleupi”

See HOW and WHY i acclimate fish the way i do:

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  1. Just out of interest, what would be the minimum number of these shell dweller fish you could you have and what size tank (in litres) would you need? Sorry, I can't remember the name of these little guys either! 🙄🙄

  2. I used to have a tank of multies and regretted selling them. I also had a male Neolamprolous Brevis who had a tank to himself and was the most interactive and aggressive fish I've had (and I keep Oscars as well) every time I put my hand in the tank for a water change I'd get bitten and my hand would be covered in little red marks when I'd finished. Absolutely loved that fish, had him about 5 years and miss him. I always wanted to set up a bigger tank like you have with them and now I do even more. One day.

  3. Joey….or anyone else….I need quick help! My beloved Oscar hit his head so hard on the glass while eating it ripped off the scales from his black head and he has a chunk of white showing. It's about where the arch of his head meets the top of his body…..what can I do to help him. He seems ok at the moment but has a terrible wound.

  4. A lot of beginners make the mistake of overstocking their aquariums cause they don't realize fish grow and may not appreciate the nature of the fish. Personally, I like understocking, I like to see the fish interact with the environment and have a more natural look rather than stuffing every cubic inch with fish

  5. I see someone becoming a Tanganyika fan, im a big fan of them and have my own 260L mix community and I must say, its very entertaining to watch so much characters and moods….I sometimes feel they are the last step before you go for salt water


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