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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. And the guy that said your clown is dangerous…not when you start all your fish together, big thing in salt..if you get a fish that gets aggressive, change around your rocks,

  2. Finally legit…just watch those nitrates and phosphates, I've had most of those salt water fish you have for years. Let me know how that filter continues to work long term..I started mine 30+ yrs ago with a canister, ended up with sump w- protein skimmer, did you put a skimmer yet? A must long term for ya.. anyway..nice job, water changes…water changes..

  3. ik this may sound crazy but, if the purple tang is still going after the other fish print out a picture of a tang which is larger than the actual purple tang of course. I’ve tried this method and it makes the purple tang more docile because he now knows he’s not the “biggest” fish so he should stop picking on the others.

  4. Get back when u can pal. I've watched loads on your channel. I have stingrays myself marine / breeding. But the comparability charts say NO PUFFERS are compatable ??
    Any thoughts see yours in there . Is it still harmony or a disaster ? Why is it according to.charts NO ?


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