New aquarium setup WITH FISH

New aquarium setup WITH FISH

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  1. I honestly hate the wood sticking out because it looks really careless and like the person didn’t put any effort into making it look nice

  2. I never really like understood the scale of how big the tanks actually are but for some reason this video actually showed me the scale somehow and that’s crazy

  3. Any spare Aqua Decor backgrounds for the cylinder? The neon tetras are hard to see on that blue background. Other than that, I like it a lot. Needs angle fish. Angle fish are what got me into the hobby so I am partial to them. 🙂

  4. I have a sort of tetra that is a little bigger than the neon tera's
    the red phantom tetra

    P.S. I think the tank looks bettre now
    with less branches or bettre placed branches

    sorry for the spelling
    I am from belgium


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