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  1. Shell dwellers. To be honest you could have shell dwellers in all of your tanks and I'd love it. I prefer any stocking that isn't the standard fish you can find at Petco like barbs, mollies, and what not. I like discovering new fish through you. Ultimately, stock it with what you'd like.

  2. happy birthday to you',happy birthday to you',happy bithday,happy birthday….
    happy bithday joey''🎂
    i think,i suggest tiger barbs,then pick diferent color of them,and please dont forget sumatra'
    love them"…🥰

  3. i just went back and checked, the first videos i watched from you was uploaded about 9 years ago, and i think i watched them when they came out.. time really flies

  4. I’ve got a planeria problem in my 30 gallon planted shrimp tank!!! As well as scuds got in their!!!!!🙄 how do I go about eradicating these two problems! If they are a problem!!! I’m not very educated on these two things and if they benefit my tank in anyway! Been very carful to not cross contaminate any of my other tanks with it, just got over a major ich infection which decimated my population of fish in their, and now this!!! Please HELP!!!!!!!

  5. J, have you ever considered doing a tank setup with a plastic cistern? You could insulate the outside from the cold (assuming it was outside), you could put in an acrylic window for viewing, and it would be super easy to plumb your piping. They even have some nice metal stands to put them in now to keep them off the ground, so you could tap the bottom if you wanted. I've considered doing this in order to grow fish for consumption, but also for large fish that outgrow normal tanks. I still regret having to get rid of my 30lb Pacu because I wasn't prepared. Will never happen again.

  6. Happy 38th birthday. I would like to see axolotl and albino guppies.

    1)axolotl is because it's not allowed to keep in my country
    2)albino guppies is really really really nice

  7. I see CO2, so less than PH 7 normally right? That would be hard to fit with shelldwellers. I got Anubias and Valisneria with them and keep the Co2 for the planted tanks that don't have the shelldwellers in it. The tank looks nice tho!


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Book Release & Brassica Mix Grow

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