New aquarium fish – How I prepare my fish tanks

New aquarium fish - How I prepare my fish tanks

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  1. I have a massive brown algae problem. I have a 20 gallon tank with 7 tiger barbs and a rainbow shark. I have a Marinelamd 350 HOB filter and literally no rocks or decorations in this tank anymore because i cannot get rid of this brown algae.. Can you help me with any advice please? I change like 80 percent of the water every Saturday morning and it just won't go away.. I don't understand.. It wasn't there the first 2 months i had the tank.. What can i do???

  2. First I want to say Thank you for everything Joey your channel is amazing. I didnt know where to reach you but I'm trying to buy your book and it is not available in your store.

  3. Good morning, Im just so curious to know what happened to your tropheus fishes ?? Please I would love to hear more about Tropheus , I'm purchasing it in a short while , can you please guide me everything about them , I understand your such a busy person , if possible please help me out 😇

  4. Hi…i have 2 mbunas and 1 dolphin chiclid in my tank…they were active and i added them today…suddenly they seem to be sitting on the floor for a while…what could it indicate?…i have the temperature set at 26-27 celsius

  5. So if i have a 100gal aquarium and i wanna swap to salt water i can just use my fx6 with nothing else needed? Then just use tap water dechlorinated with salt added? I dont want corals just some rock sand and marine fish is this ok or do I need alot more and rodi water?

  6. Can't wait to see what you pick for fish. You mentioned treating your plants for snails…how do u treat them? I'd be grateful if you would tell me how u do it. 😎🍄

  7. I find it beneficial to always have one quarantine tank going at all times for multiple purposes like unexpected spawns, overflow of plants, nursing plants back to health and of course at a moment's notice quarantine any fish for a multitude of different reasons with minimal stress due to the similarities of all my other tanks.




Shopping for aquarium fish and plants

Shopping for aquarium fish and plants