My TOP 5 aquarium builds OVER 100 gallons

My top 5 aquarium builds. In today’s video, I go over what are MY favourite aquarium builds are and why.

Top 5 builds UNDER 100 gallons:

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240 gallon plywood ►
285 gallon acrylic ►
150 gallon acrylic ►
370 gallon plywood ►
540 gallon glass ►
Stacked 225 gallons ►


#5 @1:32
#4 @3:31
#3 @6:22
#2 @8:08
Honorable mention 1 @9:48
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#1 @11:07


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  1. I am looking to build a 1000 gallon tank for some African tigers. Which type of the tanks you build would be best? How much (estimate), and would you be willing to make a how to for me as I am a carpenter but have never kept fish before? ….complete newbie here

  2. Hey I wanted to build an acrylic tank against my wall for an arowana maybe 2 I wanted it to be long and high but not very wide coming out of the wall, how wide should I make it for a full grown arowana to turn safely without hurting itself or smacking the tank

  3. after making my top and bottom support frame I noticed a bow in one six foot beams should i finish the stand or replace it or will the weight of the tank flatten it out

  4. I would love to buy one of your aquariums, they are the best looking tanks I have ever seen, or maybe hook me up with a good buy for acrylic but it has to be cheapish. Not plywood though.

  5. Joey, this is why we have no problem donating to you in 2017. You've been more than generous since long before posting this video in 2015. I honestly believe that you and other creative youtubers like you are a large reason this hobby is growing at the rate it is today.

  6. In march I plan on building your 540 glass and 370 plywood in wall goldfish aquarium!!! Hope I can get it right!! I plan on running simple canister filters to save space and gonna try to plumb the glass one through the bottom some way.

  7. Hey! Joey! I have been watching your videos for almost 2years. Now, you encouraged me to do it myself and I already started to make my own aquarium. I'm Korean. You know? Gangnam Style song by Psy who is a Youtube star! I mean I really look like him. 😉 Thanks all and I am planning to make my video too. I will show you later. bye!

  8. Hey my man I've made a 130 gallon plywood tank, it looks amazing thanks to you but I don't know what thickness of acrylic I should get for it because its not a small tank but its not a massive tank. 1/4, 3/8, or bigger? idk for sure yet but i figured id ask the master 🙂

  9. Hey Joey can you make a short video where you show us how to round the corners of an acrylic aquarium. I watched your video series where you showed how to build an acrylic aquarium and you mentioned that you would show how to round the corners but I think you changed your mind or forgot. Thanks for your awesome videos

  10. your number 3 is my number 1. that video of how to build a tank is the easiest one and most helpful video i watched on how to build a tank. i definitely cant wait to build that same tank. thanks for all the helpful videos you put out ,by the far the best on youtube!!! keep up the great work. and one quick question would that tank size be suitable for dovii and if not how much bigger should the tank be thanks

  11. I love all your tanks and your builds I specially love your book I have both the online version and the book version. you just gave me an idea on how to build a large tank by using two separate tanks glass and plywood. By using the idea that you did with your last tank that was on the number one list.

  12. Build #3 is what directed me to your channel. After watching some of your builds, I finally have the balls to try building an acrylic tank. I'm going to start off with a small 10+ gallon for my son just to get the hang of it then ill be working on a 250gal tank. gr8 videos. #ImSubscribed

  13. Do you ever worry about the actual weight of those fish tanks on your house? Id kill to have anything over 100 gallons but my room is on the second floor not really near any supporting walls and after doing the math, a 120 gallon tank would be over 1000 pounds…. thats god awful heavy. I couldnt imagine having a 200 gallon + on anything but a solid foundation or concrete floor.

  14. Joey,I am very interested in building the 150 acrylic tank you ranked as #3.  Beyond the video segments, which I've watched several times, do you have any suggestions or tips with the build that may not have made the videos?  You also mentioned multiple uses for the tank throughout its life time.  Do you have any pictures of the tank and its various uses?Much Appreciated.Ted

  15. I like the fact that you have these videos there what made it to were I can afford to house my favorite fish like my African lungfish and my tessalata eel which will both be going into a plywood aquariums within a year for the tessalata eel and the lungfish probably will need one in about a year

  16. I have a question for Joey or anyone else that can maybe shine some light on it. I'm looking to build a 96x30x30 tank. I'd like to do it out of acrylic but glass seems to be cheaper. I'm aware cheaper isn't always better or smarter. If I chose a tank that size would 12mm acrylic be enough or would I have to get a much thicker size. If I went with glass would 1/2 inch be thick enough or would I have to go thicker. Any help would be nice. The cheapest glass I found was 9 bucks a sqft as for the acrylic it was 18 bucks a sqft. Thank you very much.

  17. I have a question since I wanted to build a plywood aquarium. Could I cut out one of the borders having the side glass connect to the front viewing glass to make an L shape?

    Your videos inspired me to building my own tanks. I've built my own refugium out of acrylic, I have a awkward nano saltwater setup and want to upgrade my tank size and saw your plywood build and it looked much more affordable then going with an acrylic build.



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My TOP 5 aquarium builds UNDER 100 gallons