My secret to a successful aquarium!

My secret to a successful aquarium is simple: Simplicity and consistent is key. Today I briefly talk about why I keep my aquarium water the way I do.
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  1. when Ive had tanks I completely stopped testing the water and based my care on how the water smelled. but I was also low population and well more filtered than probably called for, and only freshwater

  2. Hey joey my tap water PH is 8.4 or even a 9. Is that bad? I mean I've had my fish for three years and none have died. But what do you think

  3. awesome, thanks again and for another great video, I guess you could say getting ready to start a discus tank has me and my family very excited with yet another tank addition but has me nervous has heck so probly overthinking, this video made me realize stick to what you know, what works for you and the simple basics so as always everything will be great, sit back, relax and enjoy

  4. Hello; the aquarist Spanish-speaking community is great. it would be good. put translator for those who do not know English. Thanx! Good Chanel!!!

  5. Such a great philosophy; it matches mine! XD I just got a couple snails last week and my mom wanted me to everything I could to keep them alive, seeing as the last snails I got died within the month. That meant getting a Ph testing and regulating kit. So I did what the kit told me and here I am, less than a week later, and my goldfish have ich. There were many, MANY other factors, obviously. I added more fish, then took them out again. I did water changes because of accidental feeding mistakes. I had a Marimo moss ball in the tank, and I took it out, too. So there were obvious spikes in many factors of my tank, leading to the immune systems of my goldies breaking down a bit and ich setting in. However, I will not continue monitoring the Ph levels. *shrug* The fish themselves have lived with tap water their whole 7-year-long lives, and the snails will be just fine, seeing as the tap water is already ideal.

  6. When I really got into keeping a planted tank, I obsessed over keeping the water at specific hardness and it completely took the fun out of it. Then I learned to just do consistent water changes, buy plants that suited my water, and my fish seemed a lot happier and I got to just enjoy the aquarium a lot more.

  7. +The king of DIY I do 90% or more every 5 to 7 days for my gold fish tank. The aquarium is 72gal bowfront and I have installed both your trickle and overhead sump builds. The current stock is seven large goldfish. To get them extra large I feed and change water consistently. Really the only maintenance is refilling feeder, water change, rinse particulate filters, and checking everything else is working/healthy. You have helped me so much thank you.

  8. I was doing 30% weekly water changes. Then one week I was short on time so I tested the water to see if I could get away with skipping one. The water tested perfect. I waited a few days and tested again – still good. Did a water change anyway. Now I've changed my schedule to every 10 days to 2 weeks.

  9. I wish I had seen this ~3 years ago when I was getting started in aquariums! It's something I ended up learning over time. Your philosophy and patience are really the best way to be successful.

  10. I hear you man. I used to be a bit of a geek. Especially when it came to "doing it by the book!" And I've read quite a few (dozen:) books. I was probably a tad excessive, to say the least.
    But as you say. Most fish are from captive bred stock now. So this is great general information. An excellent quote also. Infact I'll use that one. If that's ok with you Joey;)

  11. Hi, Joey. First off, your videos are very helpful and informative! How do you deal with fish that were probably wild caught like a black ghost knife? Also, do you age your water? My tap water's ph seems to jump around from 7.5 to 8.1 due to the calcium in the water.

  12. A very good thought provoking theory. I have I keep Tangs, Malawi and American cichlids and some are together in the same tank. My tap water is about 7.4PH when last tested.

  13. I have a planted tank and I do CO2 injection, my aquarium water PH is 6.5 (because of CO2) and tap water PH is 7, I change 30% water every 2 weeks and never had problems 🙂

  14. Joey great video, I have a question about your video I have 5 tanks of African cichlids and I'm on a well in Florida with a PH of around 6.5 and my nitrates out of the tap is around 40 ppm I use bicarb to raise the ph to around 7.8 to 8.2 can my fish live in my tap water with a ph that low?

    Thank you for your time
    John Smothers
    Apopka Florida

  15. Hi joey.. I am very agree whit you.. Most simply is better.. You using Tap water.. But how you treat the Tap water for Clorox without using quimical products???🤔🤔🤔

  16. I seem to always been having water issues. Out of my tap I'm looking at 0.25 – 0.50 ammonia and around 10 – 20 nitrates. I do about 85 – 90% water changes on my fancy goldfish tank and both my betta tanks. My guppy/cory catfish tank around 65%. This is done weekly, sometimes every two weeks if I have been sick. Is going the every two weeks just messing everything up in general? My betta and guppy tanks all have live plants but my goldfish don't. That's the one that always has major problems too. I've thought about switching to RO water but I'm wondering if that would be more of a pain in the butt then useful considering how big the water changes I do are.

  17. Well said Joey . I see people overcomplicating things all the time. Good words for any hobbyist right there, consistency. Awesome videos too 👍🏻

  18. My tap water is medium hard. ph is 7. Gladly our water is really clean and nearly no chlorine included as in quality is awesome. I do water changes my way and the fish never react to it.



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