My saltwater aquarium problems and how I fixed them

My saltwater aquarium problems and how I fixed them

I fixed my saltwater aquarium problems with a hammer and this:

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  1. Hey for that peice you removed ive seen a few videos where they use a Lazer to burn it you dont even have to pull out the rock and little by little it becomes smaller till its dead

  2. It's risky since clowns are assholes, but since the tank has plenty of room you should be able to stick a copper band butterfly or a peppermint shrimp in there. If the aptasia pops up again they'll kill it dead.

  3. I love that your doing coral! I also really reccommend Xenia or pulsing Xenia because it grows just as fast if not faster as gsp has great movement especially in flow and is super easy to frag!

  4. Curious..Along your DIY journeys have you found what’s best to use to coat metal parts around saltwater to prevent rusting? Ie Canopy hinges, lid stays/closers etc?

  5. Big Al's has Supratect, I just checked online. It can be ordered online from them.

    Thanks Joey. I've been battling some ailments in my aquariums but because of not being able to get meds, (which I have a source for some meds anyways), I have been battling whatever has been going on in my tank basically the whole time covid has been happening. I lost some fish to it, I have no idea what it is, I know its parasitic, but can't figure out what it is, I've even brought some of my freshly dead to get scoped but noone can tell me what it is other than an unknown parasite, I was beginning to wonder if covid could infect fish. The last couple of weeks whatever it is seems to have stopped, but I really have wanted to heavily dose my tanks. This might be the answer.

  6. If you feed those nems they may color up a little more for you. I have rose bubble tips that turned a very pale pink color. I fed a blend of mysis and other foods every other day and they grew so much but also became a beautiful dark pink.

  7. Great video as always!! Lots of info!! Awesome job!! P.S. it’s been a minute since you’ve done a members stream or anything!! Can we expect something sometime soon?

  8. Dude, you're approaching the issues in a wrong way. Hair algae will come back, as too much phosphate in your rocks. Try adding antiphos! As for aiptasia, once you have it, will multiply and appear once and a while. Try having permanent aiptasia eaters: filefish, copperband etc. Dont't smash the problem, try living with it!

  9. The way to kill aiptasia is to inject it with what ever additive you are using, just dusting aiptasia with lemon juice will do nothing. You will effectively kill it by injecting it with lemon juice or aiptasia x or kalkwasser


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