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My response to my last aquarium video:

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  1. Don't worry about people there is other people to watch if they don't like what your doing everyone knows your number one such passion for the hobby truly fanominal

  2. Hook was awesome tho. and nothing wrong about having a big space dedicated to one fish. he shined pretty well in it and more than all your other fishes around. this vid also doesn't explain your sudden move to do that. but Ofc you don't have to explain yourself perhaps be tolerable to other's feelings when you hurt them. just an open mind is good. Hook looked great. best looking oscar ive seen.

  3. Understand you getting rid of the flowerhorns feel the same way about my red tail shark loved that fish first fish I ever had it died my co worker gave me one gave it away felt like I was trying to replace my old one

  4. Joey, you do you man. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. I loved watching your videos since your PVC standpipe days, I still have the old sponge filters I built from your post there, I even tried to build an overhead sump which was a total failure but fun lol. The thing is, just like you mentioned in the beginning of the video-you did it for the love of the hobby. Do what YOU want, and you don't have to answer to anyone else, because you are true to your self. Screw the rest.

  5. Don't worry to much about the little things. Most of the misconception is from people not getting the memo that the gallery is a tool for you to try and teach things about the hobby. Personally I'd like to see a video talking more about how to rehome fish and what to consider since it is a big subject that isn't talked about often in the hobby.
    Just press on with your plans and it'll fall into place.

  6. Your my inspiration Joey, don't let them get into. They are just jealous because you have a nice aquarium and a successful channel. I salute you my brother 🙂

  7. i love the idea of changing to new fish and new scapes – it means more people can learn about different types of fish and plants and all kinds of different things… personally i'd love to see a full aquascape with plants and stone and wood and lots of different types of fish in it, basically making a whole ecosystem out of a tank.

  8. You are the number one for a reason. I have learnt so much from you – even learning that I'm just not skilled to keep certain types of fish – I think that's important too, – learning that it takes more than just 'liking' a fish, some need more experienced keepers. I think you have saved many fish (and fishkeepers – as we don't want to harm our fish either)
    Thank u for all that u do – ur videos have had a direct impact on my life as it helped my father & I to rebuild our relationship after a traumatic event happened (we both love fish apparently!).
    U are an inspiration, and ur positive light has pulled many through their dark times. X

  9. Joey, it is obvious to all of us that you are a hardworking perfectionist and these thumbs downs really bother you. You said it yourself, what is a thousand dislikes to over a million followers. Comes with the game my friend, you just keep doing what you do and inspiring us and 'try' to ignore the negative stuff, they don't deserve for you to explain yourself.

  10. I, personally, am exited for the change. Everyone of the 120s was a cichlid tank. Everybody loves to keep cichlids,( I get it) but that is the problem, everyone does it. There are so many more varieties of fish. Besides, not everyone likes the same thing. A heavily planted community tank would be a welcome change, or live bearers, or maybe a dwarf gourami tank, Show case ALL the possibilities the hobby has to offer(if only for a little while).

  11. Hey Joey crazy idea do you still have e your 375 plywood aquarium you were talking about family and your tanks. And I understand. I have to many tanks. So I'm building a identical tank twice to be my end all tanks but it's for my family for them to enjoy one saltwater and one fresh water many you should turn that into a saltwater to end all saltwater. Reef tank themed right after finding Nemo put all those into one tank 375 gallon would be plenty for a royal blue tang(dory) 2 clowns a eel. But over all I think the 375 should be for you this time

  12. You know what I see in the difference between you and the other people that I see on YouTube in the hobby? Personal Passion. I literally watch other people's YouTube channel because of you. Keep doing you.

  13. As a youtuber don’t worry what they gotta say and keep YouTubing as you do it’s your way of doing it don’t let them change you 🤟

  14. Your builds is what inspired me in making different kinds of filters and tanks so just fish has really made me stop watching as much but I still like what you do but I just don't see anymore DIY on your channel

  15. You are the chief chef. Don't get infected by all the negativity. Believe in your goal. I think you're amazing!

    With millions subs. It's impossible to get them all happy.

    Remember, your brand (DIY FISHKEEPER) used to mean something. 😉

  16. I understand when you order large amount of fish wholesale you intend to sell most of them off. But, what bothers me the most is what you did to that Oscar. You only had that fish for 3 months… Then you rehomed it. That's not right.

    You may have started this channel with no other intention than to expand the fish hobby but by rehoming fish so quickly, especially fish that can live for years is still sending the wrong message. If you needed content for a video regarding oscars why not interview another fish hobbiest that specializes in oscars instead, or just tape yourself talking about them at your LFS. Doing something like that would have been better than sending these mixed signals.

    To the average fish owner purchasing a fish is a lifetime commitment on the owner's part and seeing you go through fish so fast is heart breaking to many. So perhaps instead of thinking you "need" to have every fish your viewers comment about how about trying to interview other fish breeders or hobbiest to get the content. you'd be helping the breeders, the reputation of the hobby and the welfare of the fish at the same time.

  17. You guys, leave him be… He built his own hobby, don't judge his creation and creativity… If you don't like the way he does things then back off and do it the way you like it… He's still positive no matter how much hate you give to him… Face it, he'll never change his ways, and personally I feel like it's a great learning session when he gets new fish… I feel like I learn when he rehomes the tanks

  18. I like how Joey loves bare tanks with a single/duo fish but he knows his viewers really like a nice looking tank and he does what we prefer. That sacrifice 👌

  19. I love the idea you have. I got into fish about a year ago and a majority was because of you. Fish come and go. It’s a part of the hobby. I recently got new fish myself, koi and Oscar, and who knows what will happen with it. I may rehome or may keep. Don’t let anyone discourage you! Stay strong and keep doing what you love!


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