My PLANTED AQUARIUM equipment setup

My planted aquarium equipment

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  1. Applying Teflon tape to brass fittings actually makes it harder to seal and will not stop a leak. The threads are not what seals the connection. If the two faces leak, it will continue to leak out the back regardless of the threads being taped. Not to mention when you do apply tape to a threaded fitting that needs it, applying the tape in the same direction of the tightening is necessary.

  2. Great video! Just an FYI, thread tape is ONLY for tapered threads (usually NPT). Tape is not to be used on anything with an O-ring, gasket, or a compression nut like swagelok, flare, etc. These tapes can interfere with the seal and cause a leak, or shred into pieces and ruin a regulator or solenoid. That being said, keep up the good work, I enjoy your videos!

  3. I remember first watching this video when it was released and it all seemed like complicated gibberish…now I'm running a high tech planted tank with pressurized co2 lol

  4. Your videos are good but i usually always skip the real information that I intended to view in the first place, which is usually at the end of the video, and sometimes I just find a different source where i can find the information I am seeking, maybe its just me but like to get to the point and not watch 10 minuets that has nothing to do with the tittle of the video.

  5. Yo! great video there's so much info here iv watched it 3 times. . question. . how essential is lighting and Co2 for planted tanks? will the plants die or just grow slower if there isn't any specific lighting an no Co2? also does it make a difference if a planted tank is positioned near a window? many thanks keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Joey, what kind if power head do you have in the planted tank? I have a similar cube and the powerhead looked like a good size! You mind telling me?

  7. Thanks for the input ,I am actually waiting for parts to start a 55 gallon fresh water planted. And would like some help on what lights to use for my tank.would appreciate some coaching. Thanks for that video

  8. Hey Joey. You probably know but for the others out there the Kessil 360W is a light to grow coral. It provides the proper spectrum for coral growth. The Kessil 380 is a plant grow light for refugiums, and that would have provided much better growth for you planted tank. I think you just wanted to show off your new light for your saltwater drop-off tank that you are hiding from us still.

  9. FYI, the CGA 320 valve doesn't seal in the threads, so no plumbers tape is needed. You should have a plastic or vinyl washer between the fitting to create the seal.

  10. Please I beg of thee, I've tried Diy LED and alternatives before but nothing works.

    I have a 75 gal Planted tank that I'm setting up now, I don't know what to light it with?

  11. Tape on the threads of a co2 tank accomplishes nothing. The seal is at the face of the cg2 320 fitting. the only thing tape will go is increase the possibility of clogging the regulator

  12. I have the same Kessil light; absolutely stunning product. Simple and effective. Also the only LED I've used that actually resembles metal halide. Looking forward to seeing your DIY LED alternative!

  13. Very excited about this build. I've had a planted tank for about a year and to this day I still struggle with it and don't want to give up. I have your diy co2 and works excellent but still can't balance it and keep fighting algae lol. Looking forward to this one!