My NEW beginner Saltwater aquarium – The king of DIY

My NEW beginner Saltwater aquarium - The king of DIY

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  1. The first thing I ever did was create an aquaponics system. Never had fish, never had plants. I researched a lot, but still lost a decent amount of fish but never lost everything. Had some serious nutrient issues at first for the plants but quickly fixed it and now I have a forest. Now, with everything I've learned, I'm very diligently planning out a reef tank. A lot of it is thanks to you and many other folks but I really only come back to this guy and a few other folks for ideas, thoughts and info. Thanks bruh!

  2. Is it a must to have Au V sterilizer in your canister I'm new to this trying to get into salt water and can't seem to find any videos that are related to my questions

  3. 100g is awesome to start with. The more water volume, the more forgiving it is and thus more stable. Auto top up is highly recommended to be really stable. RO and a decent skimmer (like the Octopus 1000B HOB) are recommended. When algae starts growing, change your filters. The older the tank gets, the easier it is to maintain. Almost maintenance free really. Just need to clean the front glass, and you're done.

  4. 11:15 I meannnnnn saltwater with just fish your right. Saltwater with coral and fish your nowhere close to right. It’s not about keeping coral, it’s about keeping water. The more stable you can make your water, the better your corals will look

  5. I wanted to know how to filter a salt water tank? I want to get 2 clown fish for a 20 gallon tank. Not sure if you have videos on what to buy. But this would be my first try into saltwater. I want to know what to get before going out.

  6. Salt is not just salt. Come on man. You get what you pay for with salt. I use Red Sea it’s an ok brand not top of the line but I use all there other additives too. Just do some research on it. It’s not hard to find which ones are better than others.

  7. No offense to this guy but you can’t talk about working on a budget and then put in a 120 gallon tank. I see the idea with the “beginner” setup but there is a much more effective way to do this and I think be mentioned that. Buying cheap off brand stuff means it might break and when stuff starts breaking in a saltwater tank it goes south very quick. So I would advise just saving up if this is something you really want to do. The last think you want is to get a tank buy all the stuff put fish in it just to see it break and the system crash after a few months. Bulk Reef Supply has a great video showing a budget tank build in there 5 minutes or less guide they did.

  8. What if you don't have well water. I have city water. I just want fish – not corals. Do I need a reverse osmosis water maker? I am thinking of a 125 gallon tank, which I have.

  9. Plz don't get a copperband before having an established reef with established microfauna witch is not about to happend with artificial rock and a canister filter, it will diffidently die.

  10. A lot of people say those types of hydrometers are inaccurate for measuring salinity. I have used a refractometer for a while but now I have a glass hydrometer that you float in salt water and it reads salinity by how much it floats I find it's by far the easiest method to measure salinity 😋

  11. Do you have an update on this tank? I am planning to setup a marine tank the way you did so please send some update if possible. Also what media you used in your filter. Thank you.

  12. I hope to see a goby in there since this tank has sand. It’s like they have a little personality as they sift through the sand. And plus they are super cute and colorful.

  13. Do not use the UV light on the Sun Sun. They do in fact melt through the plastic. They do work pretty well and easy to maintain. I have 2 and while using the UV the 1 did in fact melt and kill some fish


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