My most DANGEROUS aquarium fish – The king of DIY

My most DANGEROUS aquarium fish - The king of DIY

I have several aquarium fish that are either poisonous or venomous… Did you know which ones they were and what happens if they get you?! Also… why do some fish look the way they do? Today, we do an introduction video into all of this!

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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. I have a giant colony of red tail split fins or Xenotoca eiseni I would love to mail you some get in contact with me please! They are extinct in the wild and would love to give them the platform they deserve on your channel and the hobby!

  2. Add to that, screw fisherman….. Why do they get a free pass all The time? They are vicious murders , it's literally Already known they wipe out species yet that's cool…no .it's not…. and how insane are people that even if they have way more food than they need they need to eat poisonous puffer fish that will give them two bites …. people are morons

  3. You shouldn't be keeping fish you can't at least house,, those giant aquariums to your large fish are no bigger than a 10 gallon aquarium to a Oscar or even a angel fish….you giant aquarium is suited for Oscars and angel fish … keeping wild animals is basically wrong and should only be done under certain circumstances and when the owner can supply decent habitats……we have a ass backwards view of animals Fed to us by the lieing corpo system GUV and their religion organized lodge Brothers

  4. I think the pattern on your clown trigger fish is due to they like to chew on coral with them bone like teeth and so the pattern can mimic the corals pattern from where they feed.

  5. I love how informative this video is. I love my fish tank I enjoy sitting in my livingroom and just watching my water pets have their own little world and lifestyle….however up until this video I never had questions and after this video I had questions answered I would have never thought of.i hope to learn more through your future videos

  6. Great format, great video. Love your extensive knowledge on each and every fish you keep. That is what makes you the king of DIY Fishkeeping. Thank you for sharing. Love the videos. Keep it coming.


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