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The updated tour:

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Take a tour with me on through my local aquarium fish store!

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NOTE: I have no affiliation with this store or the individuals involved. I was not paid or compensated in any way to film this store. I did this as it was highly requested by my viewers!


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  1. I've got nothing like this near me, only a pathetic 'Pets at home' store which every time I go there they refuse to sell any fish claiming that they just arrived and need to be quarantined.

  2. Would love to see u do another segment in One fish Two fish, hope u do it very soon, also I’d love to see a segment with your kids again they are adorable.

  3. The store owner seems really nervous! Poor guy! Low key I wanna be him, no, I want to be someone who lives right next door. Cause I wouldn't wanna be the one to give the fish away 🙁 ;D



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