My largest aquarium – the COSTS and TOUR


Today we take a look at my largest aquarium. How it works and how much it all cost to build.
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  1. Wow a great looking aquarium! It looks so great! Very impressive,really! Great job putting it all together! What’s the cost of the materials?

  2. When filming under your tanks you should put a light in there cause its really hard to see exactly what your talking about. But overall I LOVE your videos

  3. I know this comment comes late, but when you mentioned running power to the other side of the room to run on your lights for the space and the aquarium I thought I'd make a suggestion for your future projects. Since you seem to be a lot like me in that you change things in your environment often, I would suggest you check on some smart home devices like those made by Insteon. These devices are easy to install and allow you to turn on your lights and devices without having to install traveler wires. You're using digital signaling on your AC line to control micro devices installed behind your existing switches and fixtures.

  4. Hey, I don’t know if you’ve already answered this, so I apologize if so. But referring to the lock line; why use this if so expensive as opposed to say pvc/rubber/plastic tubing?

  5. Hello King of DIY. I enjoyed watching your big tank and system. I thought it was brilliant piece of work.I kept 55 Gallon Tank for over 15. I’m ready to upgrade to bigger tank. I’m thinking a 125 Gallon Tank, but the one you did was very nice as well. I love love to build my own. I enjoyed watching the vid. I subscribed and put notifications on, so keep them coming! Thank you for sharing!

  6. You say "alot of people ask why I leave my tank bare bottom….well…I made a vid about it, go watch it." – can u link the video? I couldn't find it

  7. i know this video is older, but i just saw it. I am not familiar with the US metric system, so i did not understand properly. He said the walls of the aquarium is 3 quarters inches thick, or 1 3/4 inches or what? This should be around 8.5 cm. Thank you for anyone who helps me clarify this



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