My KIDS react to my AQUARIUMS! | The King of DIY

My KIDS react to my AQUARIUMS! | The King of DIY

Seriously… this was the first time the actually LOOKED into the aquariums.. I have kept fish their entire lives… you could say they are simply not as interesting to them as they are to us!

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  1. Because the latest video you released, this got recommended to me- son plays x box and daughter watches anime, berry niceu joey-chan, watch JoJo Bizarre adventures youll get me

  2. so many of yall are toxic towards joey. He had it rough growing up and even did time. He found fishkeeping and it has helped him cope with so much. thats why he has all these tanks even with his kids.

  3. Your videos only started coming through to me for the first time yesterday in the UK. Your tanks are awesome. You are living in fishy heaven as far as I can see. If I had great kids like yours I'd be defending them too.👍


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