My HUGE goldfish aquarium UPDATE!

My fancy goldfish aquarium update!
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  1. These fish seem to be happier and less frantic compared to the ones I've seen in smaller tanks. It goes to show that even with goldfish it helps to have a bigger tank.

  2. I think when people say gold fish are dirty fish maybe they are referring for size to mess ratio. As always beautiful fish I’ve just finished stocking my 180 gallon gold fish tank today and growing them out now.

  3. I have a 100 gallon pond with 3 coment and 1 oranda goldfish and during winter they go in my 55 gallon right now the commet goldfish are about 2 inches and the oranda about 4 inches

  4. had to watch this after seeing a highly upvoted picture on reddit of a sad goldfish living in a bowl. breaks my heart, i have to see people doing the job right to restore my faith in humanity

  5. Bro you are really doing it. I can type in just about anything aquarium related on YouTube and one your videos will pop up. Not only that but your vids have some of the highest production, are the most entertaining and even educational. You really inspire me in the aquarium hobby. Keep up the great work bro.

  6. Joey i need help. I have a goldfish who looks like his eyes aren't there. He seems to have problems finding the food sometimes. I don't think his sight is completely gone. But i do think he has issues seeing the food. When he's not eating, he just sit in one spot. Barely moving around. I have noticed him running into the glass sometimes. This concerns me. I just got my fish back from my ex. She didn't take care of the tank at all. She fed the fish maybe once a week. As far as I can tell. The fish do act like they haven't eaten in days. What do I do? Please help. P.S. I do watch most of your videos. And I am a follower of you.



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