my home made aquarium

today, we tour my fully DIY plywood aquarium fish tank.

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See how i built this plywood aquarium fish tank here:


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  1. Hi Joey.  You mentioned that others had problems with silicone to adhere the glass to the Liquid Rubber.

    Would the Liquid Rubber itself be a viable option to adhere the glass to the plywood, in your opinion? 

  2. How long can the plywood hold as a tank? Doesn't the water pressure weaken it?
    I love that tank.saw the video on how you built it and you say that it's not pretty.
    I disagree I would love to have a piece o furniture like that in my living room.

  3. Is this possible with 2 viewing sides? (front & back) I am looking to build a fish tank that sits partially in a wall so that the back side can be cutout and viewable from the other room



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