Today the king of diy updates on his 700 gallon asian arowana and stingray aquarium. We also include a tour of the entire aquarium gallery! Todays video also includes a few DIY aquarium projects.
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  1. I am not a fan of bare bottom tanks but that looks damn good, Joe. Too bad you couldn't get all the sand out but I know how hard it is to get it all without a complete breakdown.

  2. Dude! I love what you have done!I know there is so much time that you put into these and they constantly inspire my scapes (thou mine are very very small in comparison). Keep it up

  3. So there’s a company in Texas that makes false rocks and backgrounds for aquariums and other such projects. They are called Universal Rocks and I’ve seen them make all kinds of things for other you tubers I watch. They might be able to help you decorate your tanks with that minimal look you like for your 700 gallon or other large tanks.

  4. Personally I love learning especially the "why I do/did this". It helps because you at not only informing us but also sharing experiences. Experiences are valuable because they give adaptable information.

  5. Set the tanks with what is best for the fish to keep them happy and healthy. That said, I've really come to like the bare bottom look, especially when tiles are in place adding color while being able to clean the tank easily. (I plan to do a large goldfish tank that way.)

    In the end, you do you, Joey. Haters gonna hate after all, but I think most of us are here for the fish and the information you provide. Thank you and have a great day!

  6. Hey! I love the look of this tank! I want to get some tree trunk looking ornaments for my tank. But I can’t seem to find anything like it anywhere. I’m in the UK. If anyone can help me find them that would be great! Thanks!

  7. The final rendition of the 700 gallon is perfect. However, the Frontosa / Multifaciatus tank is my favorite. You mentioned building a big tank, I hope it’s another acrylic one at least as big as the 375. I can’t find the build video for the 375 and desperately want to see a monster acrylic tank build filmed in detail the way you build it. I understand the fundamentals of the pin method of glueing together but, wanted to see how you actually handle the larger sheets of acrylic and how it goes together managing the weight of the acrylic. Especially when gluing the main aquarium panels to the bottom sheet of acrylic after they’ve been glued together. Thanks for another great video Joey. Keep it up.👍👍

  8. i abs love seeing how passionate you are with this hobby. There is so much beauty in the creation and aesthetic of how each tank looks. I can't imagine what it's like just being able to watch these fish swim for hours in pure bliss and peace…


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