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An update on my stingrays ►
A devastating update on my stingrays ►

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  1. Hi joey Just watching your old clips, u have improved your presenting 100%. Lol u look too serious in the old clips. Keep up the educational vlogs Resh

  2. I would have been tempted to diamond the tank. Caddy corner the far sides at each wall, bringing the tank half way into the room. If that is too much, keep it straight, but bring half the tank in the room.

  3. OMG I was just about to tell you how beautiful your rays are, then I clicked on the link and discovered what happened. All I can say is I'm so very sorry to hear that, I actually shed tears, I really did :((((

  4. I don't know much about video's, but if your green screen could produce a video of your aquarium running with the fish, might be something new and different.

  5. awesome.. how about if you can teach how to make clean pump water cleaner without using any electric energy. that's mean just use kinetik energy.. maybe it look like insane, but show us if has an idea..

  6. Nice vids. Isn't the main point of investing so much time in fish and hobbies to show 'em off somewhere other than the basement? I always picture a wall in my living room with tanks and a back "working room"…assuming I choose to jump into another level of hobby-lunacy.
    Why didn't you just install the door to open in the opposite direction of what it does when upside down? Yeh it may have hinge on a weird side or open in when you wanted to open out…but it is a utility space on the other side. Anyway, who cares…you got an extra door out of your garage taking-up space. You could fill the bottom, smaller molding squares detail with interior/exterior spackle and even you would forget it was upside down.

  7. I love your videos your tanks are really cool and your smart on how your videos 🙂 could you please make a video on growing Brine Shrimp as i seam to be doing something wrong and keep not growing i really could use some advice from someone like you that talks in a way i can follow.



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