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  1. My first tank was a 125 gallon saltwater reef tank which was technically my dad's tank (because I was like 6 years old) but I still count it as my first

  2. I started off with an "aquarium" bowl and a male betta when i was like 5 (ik thats horrible to keep them in) but when I turned 10 I started buying 10 gallon tanks and had abt 12 of them in my room, each with a male betta in it… then when I was 12 or 13 I started buying 20 gallons and making community tanks, but school took over my life and I didnt have time for my fish, so I sold all my aquariums which I had abt 22 of them… and now im 16 and im getting back into fish tomorrow (august 29, 2020) im buying a 40 gallon and im getting 2 filters etc… to later get 2 goldfish!

  3. This is besides the point but was anyone else (being from the US) kinda freaked out by the color of the Walmart signs?!😂😂😂 but anyhow congrats on all your hard work Joey!!

  4. This has to be my fav video so far. My sister and I got our first tank when we were in elementary. It was a cylinder tank, really small, and had like 10 goldfish we won at some carnival. After that we kept 5 gallon tanks with bettas but my pride and glory was a 10 gallon that I had a bunch of different fish in. Eventually it was a couple Oscars and a Jack Dempsey that we’re moved to a 29 gallon my grandparents got me when my 10 cracked. That was almost 10 years ago. Now I have 5 tanks all different sizes up and running and I still feel like a noob when it comes to most things. Makes me wonder where I’ll be in 10 more years. ❤️

  5. My first was a 16 gallon. My first fish was an angel, in 3rd grade

    I eventually moved him into a 55, and he was so happy.

    He lived 10 long years, and his death was The only time I cried for the death of a fish. R.i.p. lemon.


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